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Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide I Artbook

part 3

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A Masterlist of Fate/Zero Summaries: Season 2


Episode 14: Nuke It From Orbit

Episode 15: She’s a Fricken Magical Girl

Episode 16: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Episode 17: Kirei You Little Shit Part II


Episode 19: I Saved New York From Zombie Bees

Episode 20: Shut Up and Take My Mana

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snsd proving that they’re a group of pervs on national tv once again 

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I made a new Tumblr, and the link is….

find it somewhere in this post ^-^

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Taeyeon, calm down. We get your point.

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Everyday I saw my mother waiting anxiously for my dad to return home after long periods of no contact. Or how she rushed to the phone every time it rang, fearful for a call that no woman could bear. But yet my father flew thousands of passengers safe and sound, and so did the other hundred and thousands of pilots, cabin crew, ground staff that has done the same for my father and the many others so that they could come back to their homes and families.

After clocking in nearly 40 years of flying hours, my dad thankfully never suffered any mishap or catastrophe in his years of work. He retired to the serene and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the world, which he loved. 

As a child I was always taught to be strong and be ready for circumstance of any kind regarding the nature of my father’s job. It’s hard to imagine when it really happens, or how one should react in the face of such devastating news. But like my father assured me and the many others who have crossed his path, the flight crew take their job seriously and will do anything in their power and expertise to minimize any sort of impact, error or chances of something going very wrong. The lines of the face or his inability to talk after long hours of flight proved that it was a very taxing responsibility, and that is was not child’s play when you’re dealing with so many lives. Responsibility was invisibly and visibly plastered all over the faces of those who only make you feel slight turbulence throughout a 14-hour journey when they sit on the edge of their seats, worried about all capabilities and never ending possibilities.

So I firmly believe that #MH370 did everything they could to save its passengers and the aircraft, but sometimes even airlines and the industry can never predict acts of God. It is when you’re flying over the big blue sea and when you’re just a bleeping sign on the radar that you truly know that you are small and God’s creation is big and almighty. 

Sometimes, and especially at times like these, we can only pray and keep moving forward, never forgetting those onboard as well as those who continue to serve in the skies, visible or invisible. 

Let’s keep praying for #MH370.